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c/o ZImmerstrasse 68, 10117 Berlin

Opening Hours: 10.00 hrs - 16.00 hrs

Submission: 1000-1400 Mondays - Friday

Calling hours at visa section:
Monday to Friday: 2pm- 5pm
Mobile: +49 176 577 926 43; Phone: +49-30 300 114 523

website:; Email:

For diplomatic visa applications at the Nigerian Embassy:

To All diplomatic visa Applicants: 

No appointments are required for diplomatic visa applicants at the visa section. Here you can find our forms & fees

Submission of your diplomatic visa application and passport:
Monday to Thursday - 10am to 12pm- Fridays, public holidays closed!

Phone/Fax: Phone: 030-21230 113; Fax 030 21230 158

Information: Visa & Passport fees paid in error

Please note that any charges or fees for visa or passport transferred in error are not refundable. For this reason, the embassy asks you to be sure before you make transfer payments for services and to seek clarification if not sure.
The embassy of Nigeria will not be responsible for a refund of such payments because it is not within its capacity to do so.

Important documents for application of a visa

No purchase of flight tickets before Visa: All visa applicants are advised not to purchase their flight tickets before visas are approved. Letter of invitation from Nigeria is required to support visa application.

Important information to previous holders of Nigerian entry visa

Visa interview waiver for previous holders of Nigeria Entry Visa is not automatic. The Consular Section reserves the right to invite certain holders of Nigerian Visa for interview if this becomes necessary.

  • After completing and submitting your online visa application, you need to submit the required documents to complete your visa application at the visa section of the Nigeria Embassy Berlin.
  • All visa applicants for tourist and business visa should scroll down and see additional Requirements below.
  • A separate application form is required to be filled for each traveller regardless of age.
  • First time visitors to Nigeria are to come for interview in the Embassy of Nigeria, Berlin

Applicants for Entry Visas/Permits to Nigeria are required to submit the following when applying:

1. Business Visa

  1. A valid travel document (passport) good for at least six months
  2. Two clear passport size photographs
  3. A duly completed online form
  4. A valid International Health Certificate against yellow fever
  5. A return ticket that terminates out of Nigeria
  6. A letter of business invitation or relevant documents in connection with the visit
  7. A supply of self addressed and stamped envelope (enough for registration), to expedite the return of the passport by registered post (for visas sent by post only)
  8. A letter of introduction from applicant's company

2. Visa on Arrival

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Berlin wishes to inform the general public and all prospective investors of the new visa policy instituted by the Federal Government to ease visa procurement procedures for companies and individuals wishing to visit the country for that purposes of investments that can boost the country’s economy.

This is called the visa-on-arrival policy. For details, please visit the website of the Nigeria Immigration Service at

3. Tourist Visa

  • As in A above (Business Visa)
  • Two passport photos
  • Invitation letter and copy of invitee's passport
  • Evidence of self support

4. Transit Visa

  • Same as Business Visa, (1,2,3,5,7) 
  • Evidence of self support in the absence of an invitation letter
  • Evidence of admission into the country of destination beyond Nigeria.
5. For Direct Transit no Visa is Required!
6. Additional payment

(Administrative charges payable into the Embassy's account) for multiple entry visa, Temporary Work Permits and STR Visa has been suspended with effect from Thursday, 13.04.2017 until further notice.

00.00 Euro for 6 months multiple entry Business Visa

00.00 Euro for 12 months  multiple entry Business Visa

00.00 Euro for TWP-visa

00.00 Euro for STR-visa

7. Specialised Jobs/ Temporary Work Permits (TWP)/ Visa

(such as erection/installation work, repair work, auditing of accounts, feasibility studies, research work and such other similar assignments)

  • Same as Business Visa above
  • Temporary Work Permit approval from the Director of Immigration Services, Abuja.

8. Subject to Regularisation Visa (STR) Credentials i.e

Certificates relevant to the position to be occupied in Nigeria, Marriage certificate and birth certificate.
These documents have to be translated into English by a certified translator:

In addition to the above mentioned, the following are required:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Letter of Appointment/the work contract
  3. Expatriate Quota Approval from Ministry of Internal Affairs Nigeria
  4. Letter of request from the company sending you to or in inviting you to Nigeria
  5. Four passport size photographs
  6. Four duly completed forms IMM/22(different from IMM/22A) see information link for form
  7. Valid international Health Certificate against yellow fever
  8. The company in Nigerian will extend the visa as required in Nigeria.
Additonal Requirements Visa:
  1. Confirmation of hotel reservation in Nigeria,
  2. If host intends to house the applicant: proof of financial ability including 3 months salary statement of host in the case of civil servants and in case of STR and TWP, such letter of such intent from the company, 
  3. Confirmation of return air ticket, 
  4. Letter from host accepting all immigration responsibilities of applicant during his/her stay in Nigeria, 
  5. Copy of Passport and residential permit of host and in case of TWP and STR letter of invitation from company in Nigeria,
  6. Letter from applicant's place of work confirming he/she is on leave or permitted to travel to Nigeria, 
  7. Applicant must apply in person,
  8. Travel Insurance Certificate for the visitor from one of the major insurance companies in Nigeria covering the duration of stay,
  9. Statement of bank account of applicant in Germany.


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